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We will tailor our work to meet your needs, either in residence or as a day visitor if you cannot come and stay with us.

A limited e-mail, Skype or Facetime and telephone advice line is available for initial enquiries, but please note that we prefer not to go into matters in great depth this way until we have already worked with you personally.


We have residential, self-catering accommodation at our three safe, sacred spaces where you can come into retreat, and step out of the distractions of ordinary life. Once here, you can enjoy the peace and solitude of these rural settings and opt for what will be best for you, our approach is diverse - from simply having quiet time to yourself to one-to-one guidance.

We will help you to recover a sense
of wholeness and wellbeing

If you are not sure about some approaches, we will provide you with more information and help you to choose. For example we can offer opportunities for:

One-to-one guidance with experienced, skilful and trustworthy counsellors or spiritual directors.

Safe places for rest, reflection, retreat and recuperation in lovely countryside.

Opportunities for healing, restoration
and personal transformation.

Meditation, contemplation and prayer

Visualisation, imagery and reflection

Labyrinth walking

Exploring personal rites of passage
and rituals

Working with the Enneagram - an exceptionally helpful
personal & spiritual assessment guide

Therapeutic Touch - a healing art similar
to the laying on of hands

Time for silence and solitude with someone
to listen & offer guidance if needed

Access to our quiet meditation rooms,
libraries and sanctuaries

Spiritual direction



Spiritual direction is a type of counselling that helps you out of confusion and to regain focus and direction. Please note that we do not promote any religious denomination but adopt an inclusive approach that enables you to find your own way.

We will help you to recover a sense of wholeness and wellbeing, to become more deeply aware of your true self and your path in life. It is not our job to dictate what this means for you. It is our job to help find your way for you. There are lots of places in Cumbria that are 'outward bound' - our work is 'inward bound'.

So, there are lots of possibilities according to your needs, in an environment that is beautiful and conducive to peace and quiet. Fresh air and an opportunity for lovely country walks are an added bonus. To ensure quality of attention, only one person is normally accepted for residential retreat at each site at any one time, so the sacred space is private for you.

Whatever you choose we will be available to guide you every step of the way and when you leave us we will work with you to develop a plan of personal support to continue at home. After your retreat there is an opportunity if you wish for further guidance by telephone and e-mail. Return visits are possible if you wish to continue your work with us and deepen your understanding or if you wish to have ongoing sessions of spiritual direction.

There are also opportunities for mutual support and learning with others who have benefitted from the work of the Foundation.  These ‘Companions of the Way” meet regularly – please see details on the Companions page of this website.



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