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A Spiritual Crisis on the Way Home

Burnout is a common problem. It seems to happen especially to people who are very open hearted and compassionate and who may be involved in caring work of some kind. This book will help you:- understand what burnout is, explore the connection with stress, spot the signs in yourself and others, prevent it and deal with it when it happens.

Sacred Space
right relationship and spirituality in healthcare

Sacred Space - right relationship and spirituality in healthcare is a pathway towards right relationships for individuals, groups and organisations: restoring wholeness, healing and caring to modern healthcare. This is the second edition to this popular book originally published in 2000.

Song and Dance
for the Way Home

There has been a huge revival of interest in devotional songs, chants and circle dancing in recent years. The songs and dances here have been developed from that tradition with the emphasis on their devotional aspects.



Coming Home

Coming Home is well written, heart-warming and informative. This is the handbook for everyone searching for the way Home, filled with a wealth of guidance for spiritual awakening.


A poetic contemplation on the relationship with God. A seeker’s experience of the many facets of the divine is illuminated in the deepening of a loving relationship with the Beloved.


Guidance for the way of contemplation and suggestions for practice. Includes background information on prayer, meditation and contemplation and a series of prayer words for deepening spiritual practice.

Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch (TT) explains the theory, research base and practise of TT in healing work by Jean Sayre Adams and Stephen Wright

Reflections on Spirituality and Health

A scholarly exploration on the subject of spirituality and health that is relevant to all health care practitioners and those who support them.

Sounds of the Sacred

A 45 minute recording of Stephen Wright playing the Tibetan Singing Bowl - a beautiful series of tones ideal as a background for contemplation and meditation.


Yours, Faithfully

This latest collection of poems from Stephen Wright, seeks to capture that revelation of truth arising in relationship between one and One.

Introduction to Meditation

A basic guide on ‘how to meditate’ by Stephen Wright taken from the introductory meditations included in SSF classes and retreats. 


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