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We have been drawing on the meditative and insightful gifts of labyrinth walking since the earliest days of the Foundation.  We have permanent labyrinths at two of our sites and a portable one which is illustrated in the pictures on this page and which has been to many parts of the UK and overseas.    In addition there are numerous labyrinths around the UK which we have helped to design and install.

If you would like to know more about a labyrinth and how it works you can download more details from the “Further Reading” page of this website.


Labyrinths take many forms.  They are ancient ways of walking prayerfully and contemplatively.  Many speak of the blessings they have found in them for their “inward bound” work.

The Sacred Space Foundation portable labyrinth is a replica of that in Chartres cathedral, probably the most refined form of labyrinth available. 

As well as guests having access to our onsite labyrinths, we also provide a service to:-


Bring our portable labyrinth to your event or gathering for those who are seeking the insight that this particular spiritual practice can offer.  One of our spiritual directors can set it up and provide guidance on its use.

Assist with the planning and development of a labyrinth for your own site.

For more information about the opportunities, costs and options, please contact Jean Sayre-Adams on 01768 77900 or


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