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We are here for individuals who are:-

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted or burned out because of problems at work or home and can’t seem to find a way out…

Facing a serious diagnosis, long term illness or bereavement…

Experiencing an emotional, personal or spiritual crisis and needing to make sense of what is going on…

Searching for ways to transform their way of being in the world and live with greater wellbeing and fulfilment….

Needing peace and quiet and space, perhaps with a friendly, listening ear to talk to, while working out how best to face a big problem in life…


We are here for organisations where you are:-

In a leadership role in an organisation that needs more enlightened and compassionate approaches to leadership and staff development.

Looking to build a more effective team.

Needing to resolve conflicts in the
workplace and rebuild
relationships that have
become wounded
and dysfunctional.




Individuals come to us with all kinds of problems, but we also provide guidance to those who are not in particular difficulty, simply seeking ongoing support for their spiritual path in life.
 Spirituality is all about the search for meaning, purpose and connection in life - something we all seek, perhaps especially when life is difficult.

Organisations, like individuals, can become stressed and unhealthy too.  We have a long track record of providing expert help to NHS Trusts, Social Services Departments, schools and other services as well as businesses.  We help especially where standards of care or customer service have fallen, when there is conflict between staff or where there is a need to develop more compassionate and person-centred ways of leading and working.

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