Welcome to the Sacred Space Foundation

Personalised retreat and guidance in the English Lake District



The Sacred Space Foundation is a non-profit, non-denominational retreat centre and charitable trust located in Lake District National Park. For nearly 30 years, we have provided safe space for rest and reflection with one-to-one, personalised support from experienced and compassionate spiritual directors and guides. With private, self-catering retreat spaces at two locations, our residential model offers an unprecedented opportunity to explore difficult questions, navigate changes, discover solutions and find deeper meaning in the tidal flow of life’s endless movement.

Drawing upon a wide array of spiritual traditions and practices as well as psychological models, we work with people from all backgrounds and offer a larger context from which to view and engage with the joys and challenges of life. People seek our assistance for many reasons - burnout, bereavement, spiritual crisis, difficult transitions; those times when life just seems out of our control - and we welcome anyone looking for healing, clarity, truth and authenticity.

"Here lies the eternal invitation...the one we always knew we would receive..."



"I said to my soul, be still..."



I finally understand what ‘being asleep’ and ‘awakening’ actually mean and am able to notice and appreciate their difference in my normal everyday. It is very exciting!”