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The Heart of Leadership

Compassion | Leadership | Transformation

A collaborative project between the Sacred Space Foundation

and Independent nursing consultants Ian Hall and Brenda Crossley.

The Heart of Leadership is an educational and leadership programme for nurses and allied health professionals. It began in 2010 when we developed a leadership programme for ward managers [at a specialist learning disability trust in the north of England]focussed upon compassion – for others and the self - as essential to good leadership.


The programme received excellent evaluations and was so successful that the Directors of Nursing group commissioned a programme for nurses working at the hard edges of practice across the Northwest of England. Champions in compassion were also developed. The programmes have since been widely commissioned – with significant successes at personal and organisational levels.


The heart of leadership programme can now be tailored to varied organisational needs and evidence-based peer-reviewed papers (see below) have since been published. The programmes have profoundly influenced patient care and enabled staff to strengthen personal resilience and wellbeing within an often challenging and fast moving healthcare environment.

To learn more, see the video below, or to get more details about the facilitation team and the course format, click here.

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