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Money is invariably a contentious and sensitive issue. So let's be clear. As a charity, we try to support everyone regardless of ability to pay, but we have immense overheads to meet and rely entirely on donations.

It's difficult to provide equivalents, but a working parallel would be with psychotherapy or clinical psychology where fees with a highly qualified practitioner can range between at least £85 to £150 per hour. We would therefore hope for donations from 85 pounds per session.


Our residential accommodation is of very high quality, with access to extensive gardens, countryside, meditation spaces and libraries. The accommodation is exclusive - if in retreat you will have the place to other retreatants or groups are present. For those in residence, we suggest a donation of £75 per night.

However, please don't be put of by all this talk of money. We will always try to help where we can. To save any embarrassment or difficulty, please contact us to explore your needs and ability to donate before booking so that everything is clear before we work together. Our priority is always to be of service wherever possible.

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